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Five (5) Do’s and Don’ts When Applying for Australian Student Visa


Getting a student visa to study in Australia is not a very difficult process. All you have to do is play by the rules and before you know it, you would be on your way to one of the richest and friendliest countries in the world to begin your studies.

You however need to follow some certain rules as I mentioned earlier and also avoid taking some steps which may mar your chances of getting a visa.

In this article, you would find a list of 5 things you need to do and five other things to avoid if you are seeking to improve your chances of getting a visa to study in Australia.

The Five (5) Things You Must Do

  1. Get Your Funds Ready:If you’re applying for an Australian student visa, a rejected application may mean that you would be barred from applying again so you have to be very careful.

Australia is very strict on its rules especially its financial requirement rules so don’t start the application process hoping to cut corners at some point.

Make sure you have enough funds to be able to pay a significant part of your school fees as soon as your admission letter is issued because it is only after you have paid the fees that you would be issued a document known as the Certificate of Enrolment.

Without this certificate, you cannot commence your visa application process. This is why you must have your school fees ready before you even begin the application process because you would have a very short time to make payments after the admission letter is issued.

You should also have your living expenses and other expenses (travel, dependants, etc.] ready and available in your account so as to increase your chances of getting a visa.

  • Get Professional Help: Sometimes, you would need the services of a visa advisory services company to offer you assistance on packaging your application the proper way so as to avoid any rejections.

Make sure you go for a reputable one with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a good track record too.             You may not need an agent if you have great research skills and you are very confident in yourself but its best to           use an agent to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Explore Free and Cheap Ways to Achieve Your Goals: We all know that it costs millions of Nigerian Naira to study in Australia but not every Nigerian student in Australia gets to pay these huge fees.

          Some are studying completely free and some at highly subsidised rates. You however need a trustworthy and reputable agent to show you how to get government scholarships, study tuition-free or get your fees slashed so that you would only pay minimal tuition fees.

  • Research about the School before Applying: Don’t just rely on the school’s website alone. You want to be sure that you are gaining admission into a reputable institution and the school has adequate facilities and a conducive living and learning environment for you.

          If possible, try to research on Nigerian students currently studying in the school and try to discuss about what it’s like to study there.

  • Visit The Department of Immigration and Border Protection [DIBP] Website: The website of the DIBP, has a lot of official information on the requirements and steps to take to secure an Australian student visa.

Because the Australian government often reviews its immigration laws, you would find this website very helpful           because you can double-check anything you’ve read elsewhere or been told by your visa advisory expert.

The Five (5) Things You Must Avoid

  1. Don’t Rely Completely on Online Advice: You would find a lot of information online but some of these can be outdated or incomplete so don’t just take anything you read or are told as the ultimate truth, make sure you verify every piece of information to be sure that it is still current and valid.
  2. Don’t Use Fake Documents: Like I mentioned earlier, Australia is very strict and offences such as using fake documents to apply for your student visa may get you a long-term ban if not a lifetime ban.

          Use only original documents that belong to you and ensure that you get them certified by the Ministry of                        Foreign Affairs before you submit them to DIBP.

  • Don’t Choose a Wrong Visa Type: Each type of course has its own visa subclass so make sure you check for your visa subclass before you begin your application process so that you don’t end up applying for the wrong type of visa.
  • Don’t Choose a Course Because it Seems Cheap: You have to be sure that it is an accredited course being offered by an accredited institution otherwise, you would be denied a visa.
  • Don’t forget Health Insurance:Health insurance is a very essential requirement for getting an Australian Student Visa and it costs about $400 to get a 12-month cover.

          Please make sure you get your health insurance cover only from approved agencies otherwise, it would not be accepted and you may get a rejection on the basis of that.

If you follow these rules, you would be able to significantly improve your chances of getting a visa but please ensure that you do not make any life-altering decisions such as resigning your current job, before you get a visa.

It’s best to wait until you get a visa before you start making any significant travel plans.

Good luck!


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