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7 Visa-free Asian Countries for Nigerian Citizens


Asia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists and holiday makers as it has a lot of tourist attractions with enchanting sites, tasty delicacies, exquisite wine, spectacular architecture and a beautiful night life.

As a Nigerian citizen with a valid Nigerian passport, you can easily get into some Asian countries without having to go through the stress of securing a visa before boarding a plane.

These countries allow you to get a visa on arrival for a 30-day stay.  All you need for the trip is to book a flight and off you go.

  1. Maldives: The Maldives is a tropical paradise that sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is a premium holiday destination for many individuals from all over the world.

So if you’re looking for a very nice destination for your honeymoon, lover’s getaway, birthday or a relaxation spot, this Island country has a lot to offer.

However, you must understand that the Maldives is a strictly-Muslim country with a lot of Islamic rules you have to adhere to a no-nudity or adultery except you like the idea of being flogged publicly.

To get a visa-on-arrival, you would need a valid Nigerian passport, a return ticket and a $30 for visa fee.  The visa however allows you to stay in the country for not more 30 days.

  • Georgia: Nigeria passport holders can also get into Georgia without a pre-issued visa. To be on the safer side however, you should have a tangible reason for your visit to avoid being turned back at the point of entry.

An invitation letter or a letter of admission from an accredited and recognized institution would usually suffice. If you’re going for tourism, make sure you have a detailed itireinary ready as well as enough funds to show that you can sustain yourself during the trip.

In other words, you have to be able to proof to the words, you have to be able to proof to the immigration officials that you’re just visiting not migrating.

To get your visa-on-arrival at the Georgian point of entry,  you would need two passport-sized photographs,  your valid Nigerian passport and $70 as visa fees.

  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh is located in South Asia. It’s a densely populated country and even though the main religion practiced is Islam, Bangladesh welcomes other religions including Christians, Buddhists and Hindus.

Although its visa fees are slightly on the high side at $253, you can get it at the point of entry when you present 2 recent passport-sized photographs (45mm X 35mm) and a Nigerian passport with 6-months validity.

  • Cambodia: Many Nigerians are in Cambodia for study and work purposes. The people are friendly and there are lots of business opportunities in Cambodia. You can get a visa on arrival at the port of entry in Cambodia as long as you would not exceed a 30-day period of stay.

To get your visa on arrival at Cambodia, you would need one recent passport-sized photograph, a valid Nigerian passport and $20 as visa fees.

  • Laos: Laos is another Asian tourist destination with visa-on-arrival opportunities for Nigerians. It is located in Southeast Asia and although it’s a very small country, it still makes for a very interesting tourist destination.

Laos issues a 30-day visit visa for Nigerians provided you have a valid Nigerian passport (with 6 months validity), three passport-sized photographs, a return ticket and confirmed hotel reservation.

You would also need to pay the sum of $30 as visa fees when you arrive at the port of entry.

  • Azerbaijan: Nigerian passport holders are also able to get visas on arrival at the port of entry in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is identified as one of the fastest growing producers of oil and gas and has a lot of job and business opportunities in the oil and gas, consumer goods and financial services sector.

The country is currently undergoing a construction boom with many projects going on so there are lots of opportunities for qualified professionals in the construction industry.  Azerbaijan also makes for a good tourist destination.

To get a visa on arrival at Azerbaijan, you would need the sum of $100 for visa fees, 2 passport-sized photographs and a Nigerian international passport with 6 months validity.

Why waste your time on countries with tough and lengthy visa procedures when you can just book a flight and get a visa on arrival?


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