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Steps To Take When Applying For Canadian Express Entry Skilled Immigrants Visa

Steps To Take When Applying For Canadian Express Entry Skilled Immigrants Visa

Steps to take when you are invited to apply for Permanent Residence

When you have entered the pool and are invited to apply for permanent residence, follow the steps below to accomplish that and complete your application.

Step 1: Complete The Online Form

Sign into your account and follow a link to apply for permanent residence under Express Entry. You can save the information in the online form and revisit it as frequently as you need to until you have completed your application.

Your Express Entry invitation to apply will be applicable for 90 days. You must complete and submit your application before the 90 days as the deadline cannot be extended once it expires. All your answers ought to be complete and true.

You have to complete all the mandatory fields in the form. You will not be able to submit your application until you have completed all of them.

When you have finished filing out the application, the system will create a tailored Document Checklist for you. It will show all the supporting documents you ought to upload.

For your work experience and police certificates, the system will show each employer and country you are required to need to get documents from. For the police certificates, there will be just one upload field, thus, make sure that you include them all together.

Step 2: Gather All The Requisite Documents

With the use of your Document Checklist, gather all the documents you require for your application. You ought to be able to make electronic copies of your supporting documents with the use of a scanner or camera.

As soon as you have your documents ready, upload them. A few documents you need to attach their photocopies:

  • Your valid passport. Your passports or other travelling documents must not be expired or it will be turned down.
  • Your language test results
  • Your valid written job offer from an employer in Canada, if applicable to you.
  • Your provincial appointment letter if you have one
  • In a few instances, proof that you have sufficient money to support yourself and your family members in Canada, if you are traveling with any.
  • Any other documents on the Document Checklist, and
  • Your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, if you included the results in your Express Entry profile.

If your passport will expire within six months from the day you submit your application, you need to renew it. Then, update your passport information in your application. This will ensure that you have valid passport when your application will be processed.

Note: You will be required to submit Educational Credential Assessment ECA if:

  • You are offered an invitation to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and you were educated outside Canada if you were awarded points for your foreign education despite the program you were invited to apply under. You would be told to do that on your invitation letter.

You need the copies of these documents to support the claims you made in your Express Entry profile.

You will also be required to submit the following documents:

  1. Medical Exams

Do not go for any medical exam till after you have received the invitation to apply. You must go for medical check and exam before you can become a permanent resident. Your family members must as well get one even if they are not immigrating to Canada with you.

Your application for permanent residency will not successful if your health:

  • Is a risk to Canada’s public health or safety, or
  • Would result to too much demand on health or social services in Canada.

When the medical team completes the medical check, they will either provide you with an information printout sheet, or an IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form. You have to submit a copy the document they gave you when you submit your application online.

The results of your medical exam must be valid at the time you submit your application for permanent residence. Therefore, it is better to complete the exam as close as possible to the date you submit your online application.

  • Police Certificates

If you are applying to immigrate to Canada, you must get police certificates for yourself and for all your family members travelling with you who are more than 18 years of age as part of the application for permanent residence.

If you have a criminal record, you may not be allowed to enter or stay in Canada. Individuals who pose a risk to Canada’s security are as well not permitted to immigrate to or live in Canada.

Step 3: Pay Your Fees

The following are the fees you need to pay:

  1. a) The Visa Processing Fee For You And Your Family Members.

During your application, you ought to pay the processing fee for all your family members who are travelling with you. You have to pay the processing fees online with the use of your account’s credit card.

If your application is not complete, we will inform you and return your processing fee. Your processing fee will not be refunded once they commence the processing of your application.

  1. b) The Right of Permanent Residence Fee

You also need to pay the right of permanent residence fee which is $490.00 for every individual. You don’t need to pay for your dependent children. This fee must be paid if your application is granted.

If you pay the fee near the beginning, it can hasten the processing of your application. Thus, it’s a good idea to pay it when you apply.

If you don’t not pay this fee during the time you submit your application, you must pay it before you would be issued with any permanent resident documents. The fee would be refunded to you if you cancel your application or if you did not make use of your visa.

  1. c) Other fees are required to pay include the following:

You may be required to some fees to third parties for the following:

  • Language testing,
  • Educational Credential Assessments,
  • Your medical exam,
  • Police checks or clearances and certificates, and for
  • Translation of documents if applicable

STEP 4: Submitting Your Complete Application

Before you submit your application, ensure you:

  • Have completed all obligatory parts of the form.
  • Paid all your fees, and
  • Incorporated legible scanned copies of all the supporting documents.

The application platform will not allow you to submit your application till you have completed all the necessary fields. Make use of the document checklist to make ensure that you have not left out anything.

As soon as you submit your application, the processing of your application will commence. The visa processing officials will check that all the information you submit are credible and true and that you are eligible to immigrate to Canada and are admissible.

If you are eligible they write you and inform you what you are required to do next.


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