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4 Things Nigerians Need to Know About Travelling to Asia to Teach English Language


English Language is one of the most popular languages in the world. You wouldn’t be wrong if you called it the official language of the world because it is almost impossible to communicate or transact business with people from some other countries if you don’t speak English.

Most people who speak different languages are able to find a common communication ground with English language.

Most Asian countries do not traditionally speak English. Even though they have their own native languages however, they do understand the importance of English language and would spare no cost to learn the language. This is why there is a growing opportunity for Nigerians and citizens of other English language speaking countries to come into Asia to teach English language.

The remuneration is really attractive and you can earn between $1,000-$4,000 monthly depending on your qualifications, experience and location. You may also be able to get free accommodation, visa assistance and reimbursed flight expenses into the country from your employer.

Here are 5 things you need to know if you’re interested in travelling to Asia to teach English language:

  1. The Best Asian Countries for Teaching English Language
  2. Vietnam: Vietnam has a lot of English language teaching opportunities in its public and private schools however, the pay is not as much as teaching in bigger countries like South Korea or Japan.
  3. Taiwan: Taiwan is a very beautiful and economically advantaged country with a lot of English Language teaching jobs available in its public schools, private schools and kindergartens. The salary for foreign teachers is pretty much attractive and you also get free health insurance coverage too.
  4. China: In China, you can teach in private and public schools or you can take private teaching lessons however, you would have to put in some work into finding clients for private teaching lessons.
  5. South Korea: South Korea is one of the best places to teach English in Asia. There are lots of jobs, the pay is highly competitive and you get free accommodation and health coverage if you’re lucky.
  6. Japan: Japan offers job opportunities to foreigners to come into the country to teach English language under its JET program. Japan offers the highest remuneration package compared to other Asian countries.
  7. Qualifications and Certifications Required to Teach English Language in Asia
  8. Bachelor’s Degree: First, you would need a Bachelor’s degree. Some Asian countries would require that you have an education-specific degree [B.Ed.] while some would just require that you have a degree as long as you have other certifications like TESOL or TEFL.
  9. TESOL Certification: TESOL is an acronym for Teaching English Language to Speakers of Other Languages. It is an accredited professional certification issued to English speakers of other languages. The certificate shows a proficiency in English Language and that you are qualified enough to teach English.

Most Asian countries mostly require that you have this certificate before you can teach English Language in their countries.

  • Teaching Experience: Having previous teaching experience would also give you a competitive advantage as you would be able to get jobs easily and get higher pay.
  • How to Get English Language Teaching Jobs in Asia

This largely depends on the country. Some countries allow you to come in with a tourist or student visa then you can get a work visa when you are in the country after which you can start looking for jobs.

Some other countries have recruitment agencies that can hire you online arrange for your trip from Nigeria but most of these organizations would have you sign a bond with them so that you cannot work with any other company as long as you are still bound by the contract.

The most advisable way is to get into the country and apply for the jobs in person. This way, you would be able to negotiate properly and avoid unpleasant surprises and unfavorable work conditions.

But if you still prefer the idea of getting a job online before you fly down to Asia, you can check www.eslcafe.com , www.eslteachersboard.com  and www.eseljobfeed.com  for good teaching jobs.

For Private teaching jobs, Craigslist and other classified ads website is a very great place to locate private individuals who are looking for English teachers.

  • How Much Can You Earn Teaching English Language in Asia?

Teaching English Language in Asia can earn you anywhere between $2, 000- $5, 000 monthly. Vietnam offers the lowest remuneration while Japan has one of the highest remuneration packages for foreign teachers of English Language.

If teaching English Language in Asia sounds like something you would be interested in, get your TESOL CERTIFICATION, package your CV attractively and start applying for jobs online or get a visa and book a ticket to your preferred Asian country to search for jobs personally.


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